Friday, October 4, 2013

My VaVaVoom Haul!

About a month ago, I blogged about VaVaVoom's recycling program and since then, I've put my vouchers to good use! Today, I thought I would show you guys the things I was able to purchase using those vouchers!

Before I show you guys the things I got in detail, I'd like to talk about my experience shopping there. I received my vouchers during August but they were only valid for use in September. I made a few trips to VaVaVoom beforehand to see what things interested me and that made me even more excited for September to arrive. So, come first of September, without a doubt, I sprinted (literally) to my nearest VaVaVoom branch and foraged through the store, grabbing everything that was on my wishlist. Sadly, most of the things I wanted were out of stock (already! can you believe it!) but I did manage to score a few good things. Among my first purchases were these Essie polishes.

I picked up two light colors and two darker ones. Go Ginza is a soft pink color and French Affair is a soft pink too but with a lavender undertone. I also picked up Wicked, a deep red and Luxedo, a deep plum. Each of these polishes normally cost KD3.900 and I got them for KD0.900 each! ;)

I've been searching for a good quality top and base coat for a while now and I was so happy to stumble upon this little thing because it's a 3 in 1 product! It can be used as a base coat AND  a top coat PLUS it's a nail strengthener. This retails for KD3.500 and I got it for KD0.500!

Benetint has been something I've wanted to try for the longest time but I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a single product! However, I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity this time and I picked this baby up! Normal retail price is KD11.000, I got it for KD8.000!

If you read my skin care favorites post from a while back, you know that I'm in love with L'oreal's facial washes! I saw this one and figured I'd give it a try. One tube retails for KD2.750 so I basically got this for free! ;)

This is another one of the things I was able to snag during my first visit. It was also the last one left so I'm considering myself very lucky! I've already tried this mascara and it's easily one of my favorites! It does an incredible job at lengthening and volumizing my lashes. This retails for KD4.600 and I was able to get it for KD1.600!

Another Maybelline product I picked up is this white-metallic cream eye shadow. I love using white for the inner corners of my eyes so I thought this would come in handy. It's originally KD3.150 and it only cost me KD0.150.

The Revlon counters were only available in the Avenues branch which is quite a trip from my house. Every time I passed by, their stocks were very low on everything. I was hoping to get a lip butter but they never had the color I wanted in stock. So, I got this blush instead! I love that it's matte because shimmery blushes can sometimes make my skin look gross and oily. This retails for KD4.000 so it ended up costing me KD1.000!

I thought this mascara from Rimmel was pretty cool so I picked it up! It comes with a "magic cap" attached with two brushes, one for volume and the other for length. I've used this once since and I'm loving it so far! Retail price is KD4.600, I paid KD1.600.

Finally, here's the last product I bought! My sister already had one of these and she raved about it so much and convinced me to get one of my own. It's a mascara designed specifically for the bottom lashes. This normally retails for KD6.000 and it cost me KD3.000. 

I made several trips throughout the month to both branches in Marina and Avenues to find all these products! The lines at the cashiers were always insane but overall, it was worth it! My total racked up to KD19.450 using the vouchers! It would have normally totaled up to KD55.200 so that's KD35.750 in savings! I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal!

I'd like to give out a huge thank you to VaVaVoom for running this campaign and raising awareness on the importance of recycling! I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and if you were able to purchase anything with your vouchers last month, let me know in the comments below! I'd love to read all about it!




  1. Oooo, I want that Essie quality top and base coat! That excites me a lot!

  2. Hello, i've had that Rimmel mascara before and i loved it sooo much!!

    -Demi x x x

  3. How's the mascara working out for you? I'm sure you're loving it as much as I am :)