Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Letter to My 30-Year-Old Self

Hey, you!

It's weird thinking that you're already 30! Please let me know what that's like? Is it all we imagined it to be? Or is still age primarily just a number?

As this letter is being written, you're only 25 and are currently going over the biggest dilemma you've ever had to face. I'm so curious to know what path you chose to follow! Whatever it is you decided, I hope you didn't make anyone too sad.

What is your job like? Are you still working the same field? I hope you still have in your heart the best intentions for people, and doing everything the best way you can. You were never one to half-ass anything, and I hope that never changed.

Are you in a relationship? Are you married? Do you have any kids? You always said you weren't ready for any kind of relationship until you found your sense of stability. I hope you let your guard down just a little and allowed this to happen.

Where do you live? Is it a cozy apartment with a cafe down the street that you visit regularly to read books? You always said you wanted that. That, or an apartment in a high rise building with ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking a busy city with bright lights. I hope you got either of the two, if not, something better. You were never one to settle.

Speaking of books, do you still enjoy reading them? That was always your favorite thing to do, and you always found time to do it. I hope that this, too, didn't change.

Did you learn to drive? I really hope you mustered up the courage and did that! You knew you wanted a sense of independence and you believed that this was an important step to achieve that.

How's your relationship with your family? They're the most valuable thing you have right now and I do hope you still keep in touch with them!

What things did you cross off your bucket list? Did you finally get to visit Paris? Was it as magical as you thought it would be? I hope you're working on ticking off everything on that list! Don't make up excuses, we both know we're better than that.

Do you still write posts for this blog? I honestly hope you do, so you can find this letter and remember the person you once were and hopefully still are; someone who was never afraid of chasing her dreams, no matter how big or small they seemed.

Above all, I genuinely wish you're smiling and finally meaning it.

With the best wishes,

Your 25-year-old self.