Monday, October 21, 2013

Motivational Monday: October #3

How was everyone's weekend? I didn't have work since Monday last week so getting back to work this week after being super lazy needed some getting used to. For this week's motivation, I'm bringing you a few things that made me laugh so much these past few days. Enjoy!

When my sister first told me about "Starbucks Drake Hands", I was like what are you even talking about!? Then she showed me the Instagram videos and that's when I died. Watch this so you can understand what I mean! 

To watch more people who are doing this, check out this Instagram account - @starbucksdrakehands. They're literally so funny, I can't stop laughing.

Another video I couldn't get through without laughing 'til my stomach started hurting was one by Hudson (aka MrTukie on Youtube).

If you've got time to kill, creep on the Harry Styles hashtag on Twitter! Some things I found there were so scary, it's actually funny, not even kidding!!

And finally...

Ah, the Internet never disappoints when I need a good laugh. Have a great week ahead guys (and girls!).



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