Sunday, October 27, 2013

Motivational Monday: October #4 (Halloween Edition)

Did everyone have a nice Halloween weekend!? Even though we don't really do Halloween where I live, my weekend was pretty decent. I went to a sushi buffet and it was amazing! The past week was such a drag so it was nice to have a little free time to relax.

For this week's post, I decided that it would be appropriate to do something Halloween related. I gathered up a bunch of pictures of the cutest and most ridiculous Halloween costumes. I hope they make you smile and maybe give you some costume ideas if you still have any Halloween parties to go to! :P

Colonel Sanders


Roast Turkey

Air Freshener

Picnic Basket

Little Old Lady


Green Grapes

Penny Head

"Pugkin" Spice Latte

Pizza Baby

Taco Baby

The last three are my personal favorites!! Seriously, I mean look at that pug! 

I wish you all a happy week ahead and a fun Halloween! Stay safe!



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