Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Loved in September!

Okay I know that it might be a tad bit too late to put this up but I wanted to anyway! Unlike the rest of the other months this year, I actually felt the entire month of September pass me by. It was like time just froze and refused to move again BUT it did and I'm SO thankful because this one has by far been the most exhausting one! However, there were a couple of things I enjoyed this month and I wanted to share them with you!

BriBryontour's Videos

If you've read my midweek inspiration posts last month, you already know BriBry! I've really enjoyed his music and videos this past month. He puts up music and other random videos on his channel. The cool thing about it is that his YouTube revenue goes to charity. So, the more views he gets, the more money goes to charity. I think it's a wonderful thing! You can check out his channel here. I'll link a few of my favorites: Adventure Time, Your Life Over Mine, To Our Future Child, Surprise Proposal in Paris
Great shopping deals

Despite my busy schedule, I always make time for shopping! September was a good month for bargain deals. Topshop was having a big sale and I managed to score a few cute things that were marked down super low! I was also able to purchase lots of beauty items at VaVaVoom using the vouchers I had! I made a separate post about it here.


I've eaten a TON of broccoli this month. I buy them frozen, steam them in the microwave, and squeeze some lemon juice over them and ahh they taste wonderful! I sometimes have them as a meal alone or as a side dish. Speaking of food, I've also enjoyed packing my own lunch to work. I'm thinking of making a post about it soon!

Kind People

I feel we live in a world where kindness is taken for granted most of the time. I always like to appreciate people's efforts when they're being nice and I'm so grateful to have come across a few kind people this month. 

My Ikea Quilt Cover

I finally changed my quilt cover! I've had this set stored in my closet for quite a while now meaning to use it in the summer but of course, I was too lazy. I actually didn't realize how Internet famous this quilt cover is!! Every time I go on Tumblr, I see at least one picture of this on my dash. So I thought it'd be fun if compiled some of the pics I came across and put it in a little collage (he heh!).


I saw "We're the Millers" earlier this month and I absolutely loved it! Jennifer Aniston did a stellar job together with Jason Sudeikis who plays the father. It's so hilarious and I recommend it to all of you! I also saw "This Is Us" and the fangirl inside of me was screaming the entire time! I'm not a hardcore "Directioner" but I really enjoyed this movie and singing along to the songs! :)


As for music, I've pretty much had my usually playlist running in the background but there were two particular songs that stood out to me this month. "Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros & "Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert)" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.


When I had time to kill at work, I would usually pull out my phone and play "Dots" which is basically a connecting-the-dots game. The task is simple; connect as many same-colored dots as you can in 60 seconds. It's available for download free! Click here for Apple users and here for Android users.


I will admit that I was first a bit hesitant to upgrade my software to iOS7! I have serious withdrawal issues. I didn't even upgrade to iOS6 before this so it was a huge step for me. However, I'm really, really glad I did because I'm completely in love with the new look! It's like a new phone for me but still simple and easy to work with. I wasn't huge fan of the parallax effect as it gave me a bit of motion sickness so thank you, Apple for giving me an option to turn it off. Everything else, I'm loving so far!

Evian water spray

Although Kuwait's temperatures have been significantly decreasing these past few days, they were unforgiving during September! More so, our apartment's air conditioning broke down a few times (from the extreme heat I'm guessing!!) and this little bottle was a life saver during those moments! I would spray this all over my face and neck and let it air dry! It cools me off enough to make me feel a little bit more comfortable!


Can I ever make a monthly post without including my baby nephew!? - the answer is nope, never! I mean look at this face!

Taking care of a little baby is no joke! It's challenging both physically and mentally! But sometimes, all it takes is seeing a smile from that little thing to push everything else away.

Although September was unforgivably long, it also allowed me to experience some beautiful things and for that, I'm grateful for it! What did YOU love in September? I'd love to know! Please tell me in the comments below!




  1. I loved this post a lot! I love reflecting on months :-)