Saturday, December 7, 2013

What I Loved in November!

Okay 2013, hold up and please explain how is it that we're already in December!? It seems like this year is just rushing to come to an end! However, I still hope you all had a great month of November! Although life likes playing jokes on me most of the time, I have to admit that it's been treating me well these past few months, November included. With that said, I'd like to share some of the things and moments that made last month worthwhile for me.

One Direction

I'd like to start out with the thing that has affected me the most this past month and it's this freaking band. I found myself staying up late watching random videos of their interviews, concerts, performances etc. and I was drawn to not only their music, but their individual personalities as well. Their new album, Midnight Memories, came out (click here to read my post about it) about a week ago and I'm completely obsessed with it! I even watched an 8-hour live stream they hosted, guys. I've got it bad.


While we're on the topic of bands, can we talk about McBusted for a minute!? When Busted split in 2005, I've only been dreaming about the day I'd hear them announcing that they were getting back together. You know how I say you won't always get exactly what you want, sometimes you'll get something even better - this is one of those moments. Sure, it's 2/3 but they're now joined with McFly and they formed a super group and it makes my heart flutter every time I think about it! They're going on tour together early next year and most of their shows are quickly selling out! The 14 year old within me is beyond excited to hear all the songs she used to sing in her bedroom come to life again! Ah! :)))

Catching Fire

I saw Catching Fire a few days ago and it was phenomenal! I noticed that the director of this movie was a different one and I thought that Gary Ross did a good job in bringing the first book to life but this one - WOW. The visual presentation was better than anything I could have pictured in my head and please, can we all just give Jennifer Lawrence a giant round of applause for her role here!? If you're a fan of the Hunger Games books and you haven't seen this one yet, I cannot recommend it enough!

Burning candles

Now that the weather has officially cooled down, I find it only logical that it's the best time to burn candles. Early this month, I went inside Bath and Body Works and found a coffee scented candle and I sort of flipped out! Quick fact about me: I adore the smell of coffee but I'm not big when it comes to drinking it! So naturally, when I saw coffee in candle form, I gave a silent prayer to the Gods above. This one in particular makes my room smell like a mixture of coffee and chocolates which is 100% a-okay with me.


Aside from the Midnight Memories album, I've been going back to Ed Sheeran and listening to a whole lot of him! This month in particular, I've been loving his songs 'Autumn Leaves' (thanks to The Girl in the Moonlight for recommending this!) and 'Wake Me Up'. There's just something about Ed's lyrics that find a way to that soft spot inside my heart that makes me want to curl up inside a ball of love and die there (if that makes absolutely any sense!).

TV shows

My favorite TV shows finally came back last month and they've been keeping me company and making me really happy! Right now, I'm watching Awkward and The Carrie Diaries! If you watch Awkward as well, let me know in the comments below! I'm really loving sassy Sadie this season! ;)

Beauty Products

I have three beauty products that made it into my favorites this month! The first one is a lip product and it's the soft matte lip cream by NYX in the shade 'Amsterdam'. I'm normally not one to wear bright red lips but this color just looks stunning on and I don't feel it overpowers my face, like other reds do. Here's what it looks like on!

The next two products are both from Clinique! I've absolutely been loving their moisturizer! I use it in the morning and at night and it just sinks into my skin leaving it really hydrated. I have combination skin that's oily around the T-zone and dry around the cheeks so I focus this mainly on my cheeks and neck area.

The next thing I hauled a few months back and it's their bottom lash mascara! I only started using it during this month and I love how it can make a subtle yet drastic difference to my eyes. The best thing about it is it doesn't smudge so 1000 points to you for that, Clinique!

Writing my Monday Motivation posts

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog recently, posting nothing but Monday Motivation posts, but honestly, I've really been enjoying doing those and I hope you enjoy reading them as much! I've been uninspired lately but whenever it comes to making my Monday posts, I find my fingers tapping away. Most of the time, what I write in those posts I write as a reminder to myself and if it's helping any of you guys, that's a bonus! ;)


Tumblr has always been a personal favorite but this month in particular, I've found myself there constantly! Aside from pictures, I go on there to listen to music, look for recipes and even to read news! It's like an all-in-one place.


The last week of November was possibly my favorite thing ever this entire month. Aside from Catching Fire and Midnight Memories coming out that week, I was reunited with my sister! We've been together throughout our whole life so anytime we're apart from each other, I have severe separation anxiety so having her back was great. Also! One of my best friends from high school (who I haven't seen in over 7 years!!!) came over to visit that weekend. It was incredible and a little surreal how much nothing, but at the same time everything, changed. It was just like we were still in high school, only a little older, not so much wiser! Ha :P Here's one of my favorite pictures we took together. The lighting and quality is terrible but we were on a mock Euro Tour and that's the "Eiffel Tower" in the back! ;)

I wanna know, what did YOU love last month? What are you looking forward to next month? Tell me in the comments below. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that there's only a few days left until we say goodbye to 2013! However, here's hoping December ends this year being nothing short of amazing.




  1. This is an awesome sum up the month. I'm glad you enjoyed Autumn Leaves! :D Wake Me Up is my joint favourite with it! Last month I enjoyed big jumpers and your Monday Motivation posts. They genuinely leave me motivated, so I'm happy to read that you enjoy writing them! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy to know that! :)

  2. What i loved about last month? The highlight of November has got to be my recent travel to Kuwait. It was so amazing coming back to the place where so many childhood memories were made. A trip down memory lane definitely helped raised my spirits from the stressful environment of the workforce. It was great seeing how so many things changed but in a weird way still remained the same. I would be lying if i said this was the main reason I went. It wasn't because of the scenery. which, let's face it. Kuwait simply does not have enough excitement to make people go out of their way to visit. haha. Mine was particularly to see this girl who I have not seen in ages ( just short of seven years :p ) I've been wanting to see her for a very long time.. but unfortunately our geographical locations made.. while not impossible. but rather difficult to do so. Until finally somehow things alligned. And it finally gave me the chance to do so. So i grabbed my bags, hopped on a plane, and went. And finally saw her after all those years.. You know what the weird thing is? After two minutes of talking we just clicked right back to it. We were back to where we were seven years ago. We only had a day to catch up.. But as the saying goes "you work with the hands you are dealt with" so we did. The day was filled with fun and excitement. Oh and a little bit of getting lost (which frankly didn't bother me at all :p ). We ended up going to an amusement park. We tried all sorts of kiddie rides with not a care in the world what anyone thought of us. It was good to feel like a kid again (although we already looked the part. tehe :) ) and we took a mock euro trip they had. That (and the waterlog ride) was the highlight of our amusement park trip. Then off to dinner we went. That served some delicious food.. sitting across the prettiest girl in Kuwait ;) haha. I couldn't complain about the view. life was good. :) . The rest of the night consisted of catching up, a lot of laughs, and not a single dull moment.. Anyway i think i've already said too much.. But this girl was definitely the highlight of my trip and the rest was just gravy.. tehe ;)