Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monday Motivation: December #3

Happy Monday, my lovely readers! I want to start this post off by thanking you all once again for visiting this blog! I still can't wrap my head around the fact that this blog has already generated over three thousand page views. Like honestly, what!? It makes me so happy to know that there are people out there who are interested enough to keep coming back and reading! So thank you, and please accept this giant, floppy hug I'm giving you through this computer screen. :)

For this week's Monday post, I wanted to talk about something we can all relate to - forgiveness. Surely enough, at one point in our life, it's been asked from us or we've asked it from someone else and it's probably one of the hardest things to give and also to accept. I know that feeling when someone goes behind your back and hurts you. It's really not the easiest thing to just go ahead and forgive them. But you know what? It's actually the best thing you can do. Not for them, but for yourself. You see, when you hold a grudge against someone, you're only proving one point and that is that that grudge is what you value most. Is that anger you're holding against them really helping you move forward in your life? The answer to that is probably not. So, let it go. I've found that when I allowed myself to forgive someone for their actions, no matter how terrible, it gave me a small sense of satisfaction. It sounds ironic, I know, but think about it. If you don't forgive, you are allowing yourself to carry unnecessary negative baggage that you won't have room for any positive in your life. Instead, you have the power to choose to leave it behind you and move on from there.

So today, my challenge for you is to forgive that person whose been keeping you from moving forward with your life. I'm not asking you to become best friends with them, but just allow them to know that you've chosen to let the past go and that you've decided to move forward from it. Trust me, you'll feel a million times better.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!



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