Sunday, December 22, 2013

Monday Motivation: December #4

Hey guys! I know everyone (if you're still in school!) by now is already on their winter break so you won't be needing any Monday motivation to get you through this coming week because Christmas is coming up and honestly, that's all the motivation we need. However, the rest of the world still has to go to work (that's me included *sigh*) so a little pep talk won't hurt, yeah?

In the week's post, I'll be borrowing some words from Paolo Coelho's blog. Click here to read the full post.

In a certain village in Umbria (Italy), there lived a man who was always bewailing his lot.
He was a Christian, and found the weight of his cross too heavy to bear.
One night, before going to sleep, he begged God to let him change his burden.
That night he had a dream; the Lord led him to a warehouse.
“Go ahead and change it,” he said.
The man saw crosses of all sizes and shapes, with the names of their owners. He picked an average size cross – but when he saw the name of an old friend written on it, he left it aside.
Finally, as God had permitted, he chose the smallest cross he could find. To his surprise, he saw his own name written on it.

Isn't it sad how we think our own problems are so big when in reality, they only measure so little as to how much other people have to bear? It's only when we're handed out the burden of other people that we come to realize how light our own is that we'd rather hold on to it instead. 

I strongly believe that God only gives us what He knows we can handle. So, even if your problems seem so big today, trust that they're given to you knowing you can get through them.

We might have different interpretations to the story above and if you do, please leave it in the comments below. I'd be really interested to read it!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead, and a happy holiday season!



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