Sunday, December 8, 2013

Monday Motivation: December #2

I know I'm already repeating myself for the nth time when I say this but guys, can you believe we're already on the second Monday of December!? It seems like I just blink my eyes and my weekend is gone and I find myself facing yet another long week. Lately, I haven't been feeling so much like myself. I can't point my finger to it but I've just been feeling uninspired and ironically, unmotivated (that's a word, right?). So, I thought I'd make this post to cheer me up a little and maybe possibly, it can do the same for you guys.

Over the years, I've developed a strategy inside my head that helps me get excited for the future which in turn, always keeps me motivated. I think that the secret to staying motivated is keeping your inspiration personal. I can give you guys a million inspirational pictures and quotes but they can only help you so much. However, when your source of inspiration comes from a personal stand, I believe that's when it can truly benefit you. This is probably not making any sense at all so allow me to explain further.

For example, let's say I have something exciting happening in the next couple of days. I take all my energy and focus it on that. That way, I have something to look forward to. When that day finally arrives and it comes to an end, I'll find another thing to look forward to and focus on that and so on. This little technique, I find, allows me to wake up excited every day because I know it's a day closer to what I'm waiting on. Sometimes the things I look forward to aren't even that big, like sometimes I look forward to eating my favorite salad in the weekend, which to you may sound odd, but hey, it works for me! So honestly, it's up to you. You just need to find something you can allow yourself to look forward to and that can help you get motivated to get through the week! :)

As per tradition, I want to share a few videos I've come across this week that have made me smile.

Maybe those last two videos helped you get even more excited for Christmas? Hopefully that's the thing you could use to motivate you! Whatever it is, I wish you all a great week ahead. Keep your chin up and smile, you deserve to.



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