Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Gift Guide for Guys!

If you're anything like me, you know that shopping for a guy is probably one of the most difficult things out there! When it comes to getting something for a guy, the most common things that come to my head are watches, shoes and clothes. Those are great options but today, I'll share some other ideas that can be worth considering! As always, these are just ideas to help you guys. The best gifts are the ones that are personally picked out! :)

(3) Tea Creature Mug - $9.99
(4) Superman Apron - $19.99
(6) Laptop Sleeve - $35.99

(11) Sriracha Mug - $12
(12) SEGA Game Console - $68

(15) Ninja Star Coat Hanger - $11.04
(16) Light Saber Lamp - $31.99
(17) Melting Clock - $19.99
(18) Party Cup Trash Can - $19.99

(22) Laser Gun Alarm Clock - $24.99

I hope you enjoyed looking through these! Hopefully it gave you some ideas to work with! I'm working to put up more of these type of posts soon so look out for those if you're interested!



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