Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When I Was Young: Favorite Book Series

Reading books has been one of my favorite things to do since I can remember! The only thing I regret was not being able to keep them all in one place. Today, I wanted to share some of the books I loved to read when I was younger. By the way, I can't believe we're halfway through this week (we're at day 5 of my birthday week already!!). I've really been enjoying blogging every day! :)

 Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine was definitely my favorite author growing up! I loved every single book I read that he wrote and it always kept me on my toes. The Goosebumps series in particular was the one I was most into! I would breeze right through them. I still have some I've managed to keep and I really wanna read them over again!

♥ From the Files of Madison Finn by Laura Dower

I remember reading these books every time I was on summer break! I liked how these books felt more like diaries and I was really attached to Madison because I could relate a lot to her! There was even one time I literally cried because I finished one of the books in less than a day and I didn't have any more to read! Haha!

♥ Nancy Drew

When I was in grade school, we had a 'library' class where we basically just spent the hour at the library! It was my favorite class. We got to keep our own library card in case we wanted to borrow books and I always picked up Nancy Drew books to take home! Sometimes I'd go for the Babysitters Club books but Nancy was way more interesting! I loved her curiosity and how she was always so determined to solve a case!

♥ Various 'witch' books

Sadly, I can't remember the exact title of these books but I used to be really into books that had to do with magic and witchcraft! I think it was called the 'Spelled' books or something like that but wow guys, they were really good! The story revolved around a teenage witch who recently acquired her powers and it follows her trying to stay normal while still keeping in tact with her traditions. It's hard to explain but it gives you a peek into what it's like to be a witch! I mean, if you believe in that kind of stuff.

♥ Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Last but most definitely not the least, the Harry Potter books! I started reading these books because of my aunt. She got me my first Harry Potter book and insisted that we read it together. It was funny because it never worked out and she was always a step ahead. It sort of became a tradition and every time a new Harry Potter book came out, she would get it for me. The one I enjoyed reading most was Prisoner of Azkaban! It was the one that was most difficult for me to put down. I'd like to say I read all the books but I'd be lying! I stopped at the Order of the Phoenix and just started watching the movies from then. I am thinking of starting it over again though!

I love books. They allow me to escape into a world that's created by my imagination alone. Over the years, my genre preference has obviously changed but my love for reading is still just as strong, if not stronger. Do you like to read? What are some of your favorite books? Please share them with me in the comments below! I'm always looking for something new to discover! :)



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