Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Just A Number

I'm turning 23 today and I know that number doesn't sound big to many (or maybe it does? I don't know!) but 15-year-old me would definitely say it was. When I was younger, I pictured people this age to already have their life solidly planned out and actually acting out on those plans; I'm talking career, marriage, kids - all that scary stuff. I pictured them to be serious and stressed (that last part may apply to me) but alas, here is 23-year-old me, sitting in bed, stuffing my face with dessert at 2am (you can't say anything it's my birthday okay!) and still just unsure as I was about the direction my life is going in. Don't get me wrong though, I have big plans but life doesn't always like to work with me so I've had a few setbacks. That's not my point today though. What I really wanted to let you guys know is that you can't let a number define who you are. So what if you're 30 and not yet married? And so what if you did get married at 18? Maybe you do have your life figured out, and you just turned 13. Or maybe you still don't have it figured out at 50. It really doesn't matter! They're just numbers. Sometimes we get so consumed by the number, we forget to celebrate life. Life, although SO confusing most of the time, is still the most precious gift we're given and if we can't learn to at least appreciate it, what are we really doing with it?

If I were to share anything with you that I've learned over the past 23 years, it's that it's not the number that counts but the life behind the number. So quit worrying about your age and just embrace it. Go do something that makes you happy, no matter how old you are. ♡

We've finally reached the end of my birthday week! I hope you enjoyed reading through my posts and found it somewhat interesting! To close everything off, here are a few awkward pictures from my childhood! ;)




  1. I agree so much. Age really is just a number! What sweet pictures! Happy Birthday again :-)