Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monday Motivation: November #1

Happy November, everyone! I was contemplating on whether to continue on or not with this Monday Motivation series since I wasn't too sure if anyone was interested in reading these, but these type of posts are really fun for me to put together so I've decided that they're here to stay (at least for now!).

In my previous post, I mentioned how much I loved October and how it was such a great month for me that I honestly didn't want it to end. But you know what? Life doesn't work like that. Things come to an end, but the good thing is that it makes way for better things. With a positive and open mind set, great things can come your way. After all, happiness is a choice.

This week, I'd like to share some videos that have elevated my mood and made me a much happier person in general and I hope they can do the same for you!

Is there anything that these two can do together that isn't cute!? This video has to go down as one of the most creative ways to share one of life's most exciting news! ;)

I've been ignoring an itch to travel and this video by JacksGap didn't help at all! Don't get me wrong though, I love it! This fueled my wanderlust so much, it almost made me want to include skydiving in my own bucket list. Almost.

My wishes have been answered and Cody Simpson is coming out with an acoustic album very soon! This is one of the songs off of it! If you don't already know, I'm completely in love with his voice and the idea of getting to hear some of his songs stripped down just makes my heart flutter with joy! Ah!

Okay how cool is this video by Boyce Avenue? It also includes some other popular YouTubers! They teamed up and created a video for this song and 100% of the proceeds raised from the sales go to charity. It makes me really happy when I see people doing these kind of things! :)

Finally, BriBry put up a new video today and as always, I fell in love. This is such a sweet song and it makes me smile every time I listen to it.

Today, I dare you to do something nice for someone. Never underestimate your power to make someone else's day better. Have a great week ahead! :)



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  1. I really enjoy reading these posts so if you like putting them together, you carry on! ^_^ Of course, Tom and Gi's video was an exciting moment in my October, ha!