Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday Motivation: November #2

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an incredible and eventful weekend! I worked this weekend so that wasn't fun but I still got to relax and catch up on my favorite TV shows and that was my silver lining! Anyway! This week's post is going to be a little different from the usual so I hope that would be okay!

So many things have been happening lately that it got me thinking about life in general. We're given 24 hours every day to do absolutely anything we want. About 50% of this time is stolen by sleep, traffic, eating, pooping and what not. It leaves us with another 50% and more than half of that time is stolen by either school or work. So in reality were really only given about 4 hours (give or take a few) to ourselves everyday. We actually don't realize this because we don't break down the hours everyday and divide it according to the things we want or need to do. I mean really, who actually has time for that!? Anyway my point is that while we're so busy with life, we sometimes forget the most important thing - the little things. The little things can be anything and sometimes, everything. It can be that little thank you to God for allowing you to wake up and live another day. It can be looking up at the sun and appreciating the light that not many have the gift to see. It can be walking around barefoot and feeling the ground beneath us that not everyone has the chance to. It can be returning the smile a stranger gives you or smiling at a stranger. Really, it can be anything! Over the years, I've come to realize that these little things are actually life's biggest things. I know life can be pretty demanding sometimes but it literally only takes a few minutes out of our day to stop, and as cliche as it may sound, smell the roses. That's my challenge for you guys today. Do something that your future self will thank you for. You roughly have 4 hours everyday so make it matter.

I found this picture on Tumblr and I thought it would go well with this post so why not post it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! If you enjoyed reading through this, let me know in the comments below! I'd like nothing more than to know I'm making someone happy!



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