Thursday, November 14, 2013

MiniInTheBox Light Up Smiley Face Charging Cable Review

Hey guys! I'm super excited about today's post because I'm gonna be talking about one of my favorite things right now and it's this charging cable I got from MiniInTheBox a few weeks ago!

The site was having a lightening sale and this was on sale for $4 and it usually costs about $8 so I got a pretty good deal! It's a standard USB cable that fits a ton of devices but I mainly I use it for my 4S and it works perfectly! It charges just as fast as an original Apple cable and I find that very impressive because I always find that other non-Apple charging cables take forever to charge up my phone!

I have to admit my favorite thing about this is that the smiley face lights up when you plug it in! How freaking cool is that!? If you charge your phone overnight, this can double as your night light! ;)

Since MiniInTheBox ships all the way from Hong Kong, it can take a while to get to you depending on where you live! I ordered this sometime during the last week of September and it arrived around the second week of October, which isn't too bad actually considering that shipping was free! I had it shipped to my sister in California so considering the distance, I don't think it's too bad but it's just a heads up for you guys if you'd like to order this. You can choose to pay for expedite shipping if you'd like it to get to you faster!

I'm absolutely in love with this cable! I feel really happy whenever I plug it in and see it smiling back at me (hehehe)! If you'd like to get this, I suggest you do it right now since it's still on sale. You can find it here. It also comes in white and black, I believe but I personally prefer the red since it matches the smiley face! :)



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