Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Week in Pictures!

This past week has been quite insane but in the best way! I flew out to my home away from home, Philippines, and it feels amazing to be back here. The food is incredible (as it has always been) and the weather has been surprisingly forgiving. I've been meeting up with some of my college friends and a few of my relatives as well and that has been nice. Also! This past week, I challenged myself to try out a few new things! I thought I'd summarize my trip so far in this little photo dump. ^_^

This was my favorite part of the flight! When they dimmed the lights, there were stars that lit up the ceiling. It was so beautiful, this picture doesn't do it justice!

I guess you could say I'm an Oreo cheesecake enthusiast! I've tried a LOT of them, but I always go back to this particular one from my favorite cafe in Bacolod, Calea. I legitimately teared up when this got to my table!

My sister and I had really bad jet lag the first night so we just ended up taking a ton of pictures heh heh ;)

I was so happy I got a chance to visit my 'Silay Sundays' house and church family! They're some of the sweetest people I know and they've helped me through so much! :)

I've noticed a lot of Milk Tea places opening up around town and I've been to this one last year and it was so good, I had to come back! Plus points to the people who work here because they're one of the few that can get the actual spelling of my name right without me telling them! :)

I got together with a few of my friends from college and we all planned a trip to a mountain resort that opened up recently! It was filled with a bunch of random things, hence Mr. King Kong in the background!

That's me pathetically trying to pretend I'm caught in Spiderman's web.

They also had a rope course that you can go on! I tried it out with one of my friends but wow, it definitely looked way easier than it actually was! It took us about 2 hours to finish the entire thing and although I was so close to giving up multiple times, I'm really happy I pushed myself all the way to the end. We also tried the zipline! It was my first time and I literally wanted to pee my pants but it was so fun! 

My absolute favorite meal on this trip so far was served in this floating restaurant!

Shoe twinning with my sister! ;)

Two of our best friends graduated this past week and I'm so happy we made it out to watch them!

Who says chocolate shakes are just for kids, yeah? While everyone celebrated growing up, I gave a little tribute to the chocoholic 6 year old within me, celebrating staying young.




  1. Awesome pictures- it looks like it was a fab week! I love your outfits a lot too!

    1. Thank you! I hope your week was equally great, if not better! :)