Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Loved In July!

Okay how fast is this year going by!? Honestly, I can't believe we're already in August!! 2013 just needs to hold up a little bit! But anyway, I wanted to talk to you guys about some of the stuff I fell in love with in July. Let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see more of these!

Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Tangerines body lotion
I wanted to start this post off with something that basically is my summer staple scent - citrus fruits! This particular lotion embodies, in my opinion, everything that reminds me of summer. It's refreshing, energizing, fruity and clean. I'm not even lying when I say that I used this at least twice on a daily basis!

Bath and Body Works Bali Mango glowing body scrub
Again with the fruity scents! This scrub is amazing to use before shaving because it exfoliates your skin pretty nicely giving you good access to the hair shaft. My skin felt incredibly soft after every use!

Lush Cupcake fresh face mask
I've been trying out this mask the whole month of July and at first, I didn't really love it but as I kept on using it, it turned me around. It really helped me tame out my breakouts (thank you very much hormones!) and I'm surprised it worked on me! So, plus points for you, Lush!

Fresh lemon juice as spot treatment
While we're on the topic of breakouts, I've also recently discovered this nifty trick my sister taught me - using lemon juice as a spot treatment! It dries up the zit overnight and helps in the healing process! I will warn you though that it does sting a little bit, but it's worth it.

Maybelline Color Bloom color changing lip balm in Pink Blossom
I've had this lip balm for a while now but sort of neglected it and I have no idea why because it's fantastic! I love how the actual color is white but when it reacts with the heat from your lips, it turns into the prettiest shade of pink!!

Cody Simpson's 'Surfer Paradise' album
I've actually dedicated a whole post about this that you can read here! I am obsessed with the entire album, I listen to it on repeat shamelessly. My favorites are Sinkin' In, Summertime of Our Lives and Rainy Day from the bonus tracks. Those three in particular are more on the chill side so they make me feel really relaxed and happy! :)

Shane Dawson's podcast - Shane and Friends
Shane Dawson, if you don't already know, is a hilarious YouTuber and he recently came out with his own podcast and I've been obsessed with it! I haven't had that much free time on my hands to read books and stuff so I've been listening to podcasts instead. There are about 5 episodes up already, if I'm not mistaken and you guys should definitely check them out if you haven't! You can listen to it on Sound Cloud or get it from iTunes (it's free!). It's super funny and you won't regret it!

Gold leather flip flops

Kuwait's weather has been insane in July (and still is!). I cringe at the thought of using closed shoes and walking outside so I've resorted to these cute flip flops from Accessorize! They're comfy and go with any outfit!

Middle parts + winged eyeliner
If you know me, you know that I don't change my hair part ever. I've had my hair parted on the right for basically the past 4 years so it's a big deal that I've finally gone out of my comfort zone and tried something new! I've been loving pairing my middle part with winged eyeliner! I feel that it completes the look.

When my parents assigned us (me and my sister) Ramadan cooking at the beginning of July, I dreaded even the thought of having to prepare food every single day. But now that Ramadan is coming to an end, I've actually really enjoyed this responsibility! We're not amazing at cooking so it's an experiment everyday and that's the most exciting part.

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits and I think they're in season right now because they're pretty cheap! I once managed to get 3kg of bananas for less than 1KD! I used some to bake a loaf of banana bread and froze the rest for my smoothies (which I've also really gotten into!).

My baby nephew!
My eldest sister gave birth to her first baby towards the beginning of July and it's been such a delight to have him around! He's such a cute little munchkin and I'm including him in this post because he has honestly made me smile so much!! <3

Those are the things that made my July amazing! What did you love in July? I'd love to know in the comments below. <3



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