Monday, February 11, 2013

♡ Valentine's Day Guide ♡

Valentine's Day is well on it's way now and I thought I'd put together a guide for all you lovelies looking for ideas on what to wear, what to give and what to do! Don't worry girls, even if you don't have a Valentine this year, there's still something for you! So let's get started!


I was looking around the internet a few days ago and I came across these super cute pieces that you can easily style to fit your personal taste or you can just use for inspiration in putting together your whole outfit!

Forever 21

The Forever 21 website actually put together their own lookbook and these are a few of my favorite looks from there!
Dinner for Two
Girls' Night


Whether you're going out on a date, shopping with your girlfriends or just staying in this Valentine's, you can still rock these adorable hairstyles!

The Braided Headband                                                           The Waterfall Braid


We can't forget the nails, ladies! I found this nail tutorial that screams Valentine's!


Giving is always better than receiving! This Valentine's, unleash that creative little kitten inside of you and try these DIY projects from Lulu's! They'll save you money and you get points for creativity!

DIY Dream Catchers
DIY Heart Shaped Tea Bags


For the lovebirds:

- If it's already warmer where you live, plan an outdoor picnic! You can pack each others favorite snacks and enjoy fresh air! If it's still cold where you live, you can always try an indoor picnic! Spread out a blanket by the fireplace and as cliche as it may sound, have some fondue. ;)

- Rollerskating, bowling or ice skating are fun activities that you and your man can enjoy!

- If you've got a comedy bar near your area, give it a go! You can never have too many laughs!

- Attend a concert of a band you both are into! 

- If you've got a park in your area with a water fountain, take your date there after, grab a bunch of pennies and take turns making wishes out loud.

- Look up a yummy desert recipe online and go shopping for ingredients together so you can both bake right after!

- You can always go with the classic dinner and a movie idea! This idea never fails. You can put a twist into it and see if your area has a drive in. That way you can get take out from your favorite place and sit back and relax in the comfort of your car. 

For the single ladies:

Come on, ladies! Just 'cause you're single doesn't call for a pity party! Instead call up your girlfriends and try out some of these fun things!

- Of course, you cannot just have your friends over and not think of having a movie marathon! I mean, come on, right?! Stay away from the sad movies though and stick to romantic comedies or chick flicks! Here are a few of my top movie picks...

- Have your own "spa" treatments in the comfort of your home! Think homemade facial masks, mani-pedis, massages etc.

- Don't feel like staying in? No problem! Remember the first loves of your life - your family! Plan a day/night out with your parents or siblings. Get cupcakes, fro yo, hit the arcade, wherever your wings take you! 

- Or maybe you've decided on spending Valentine's by yourself this year? Hey, there's no shame in that! After all, we need to love ourselves first before anyone else can. Draw yourself a nice, warm bath, pop in your favorite bath bomb/bubble bar, light some candles, grab your beverage of choice (by default, mine would be hot chocolate), play some relaxing music and jump in!

However you decide on spending your Valentine's, please remember to have fun and stay safe! Happy Valentine's day! ♡



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