Monday, February 4, 2013

Tips To Stay Warm During Winter!

It may be February, but it's still pretty cold outside! Now unless you like feeling like a real live snowman, I thought I'd share some tips and tricks that can help you keep warm during the winter time! If you have any more things to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

1. Keep your extremities warm! Hands and feet, being the most distal part of the body, tend to always stay cold. Try to keep these parts warm by putting on some warm gloves and fuzzy socks! I once heard that if you just keep these two parts warm, the rest of your body will eventually feel much warmer!

2. Layer up! Layering in the winter time is essential! Whatever you decide to wear that day, try wearing a cami or a thermal top under. If you're wearing pants, try wearing thick tights or leggings underneath. Wrap a scarf around your neck if it's exposed. Beanies are nice to keep your heads and ears warm and cute! Every layer counts here!

3. Stay active! Exercise can increase blood circulation throughout your body which not only helps you stay warm but also keep your mind alert and focused! It can be something simple like taking your dog out for a walk, helping around the house with chores, going for a run around your neighborhood or anything that can help you sweat it out a little.

4. Warm yums! Sip on some warm beverages! I personally love making myself some hot chocolate (extra whipped cream) or choco chai latte (my current addiction!). Extra points for being able to wrap cold hands against the warm mug! Hot soups also help keep you feeling warm on the inside! Side note: it is a fact that drinking warm beverages make you feel generous and warm towards other people!

5. Tub time! There's nothing like drawing yourself a nice, warm bath and relaxing in it! 

6. Cuddle! We're already nearing V-day and if you're single like me and needing a reason to snuggle up, well here it is! Aside from body heat transfer, cuddling also releases hormones that reduce stress. Win-win. ;)