Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I Loved in January

It's been quite a while since I put up one of these posts so I thought I'd bring them back! January has and will always be one of my favorite months because a) It's my birth month and b) It's my birth month! :P Fine, yes, I may be a little biased but come on, everyone I know hates this month because it means Christmas is over and the holidays are done so let's cut January some slack, okay? It's a pretty good month. Now, let's talk about all the things I enjoyed during this time.


Man, have I been obsessed with making smoothies lately! I have a few different recipes that I alternate between every morning and they're just the perfect start to my day. I want to say that I hope to have a recipe up on my blog soon but I'm afraid it's gonna be a promise I never end up keeping! So let's just see how that works out! ;)


Fact: whenever I'm not drinking my smoothies, I'm drinking tea. I've been on such a tea kick lately that I've gathered up quite a collection. My favorite though has been the Chai Tea from Tim Hortons. I bought this a few months back but it's only when the weather started cooling down, I began to appreciate it.

Cozy jackets

Since we're already talking about cold weather, I've really been loving this jacket I got from Topshop recently. I wore it almost every single day this past month and it never failed at keeping me warm.

Mini "hottie" hot water bag

I bought this on a whim from a store called New Look and it's become my new favorite thing. I'm still not 100% sure how it works or what's the science behind it, but it's essentially a tiny bag filled with some sort of gel-like substance and there's a metal disc inside that when you bend, sends a signal to the gel and it starts heating up. It stays hot until the gel starts to harden (about 20 mins). To re-use, you just have to place it in a pan with hot water and let it boil for about 10 mins. Okay - HOW COOL?! That alone sold me. Aside from being scientifically bad-ass, it actually works. It stays hot for about 15-20 mins, which isn't that long, but it's enough to keep my hands warm in the mornings on my way to work.

'If I Stay' movie & book

I saw this movie over the winter break and I was obsessed with the story! If I know a movie is based off a book, I usually like to read the book first. I made an exception with this one and went right ahead and watched it, and since I fell in love with the story, I was so excited to read the book! The only disadvantage was that the characters and places already came with images so there was not much room left for imagination, however, these details didn't matter as much as the story they held. I particularly enjoyed this story because it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite novels, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, in a sense where it talks about the in-betweens of life and death. One of my favorite bloggers, The Girl in the Moonlight, recently published a book review of 'If I Stay' and she talks about the story better than I ever will! Check out her post HERE.

The Best of Me

Another movie I enjoyed this month was The Best of Me! Let me tell you though, this movie is a roller coaster of emotions. The story revolves around two people who were once high-school sweethearts but because of circumstances, were forced apart. However, their paths join again during a funeral of a common friend, and as with all Nicholas Sparks' books, beautiful drama follows. I won't give more away but I would say that this movie was definitely worth crying over! :)

BBW's Merry Marshmallow Kiss

Yes, I'm still using holiday scented things shamelessly! This scent from Bath and Body Works is the perfect mix of sweet and fruity. Contrary to it's name, you can't smell the marshmallow in this, which I'm a-okay with.


There's nothing I cherish more than memories! This app is the perfect companion for someone who loves to reminisce. It's an app that's basically a time machine. You just link your social media accounts on the app, and let it take care of the rest. Every day, you get little "throw back" pictures/posts that you put up on that day in the past. It's a great concept and I'm glad someone thought to create this. Did I mention it's free, too? A+! ;)


So, Meghan Trainor's new album 'Title' was released this month and I've been playing it on repeat since then! Every song on the album is catchy and super sassy and I applaud Meghan for making an incredible record! My sister, friends and I all joke around that we each have a song that was specifically written for us. My personal favorites include '3 am', 'My Selfish Heart', 'Credit', and 'Walkashame'.

YouTube - Thatcher Joe

I'm always on YouTube and lately my favorite to watch has been Thatcher Joe AKA Joseph Sugg. He makes really funny and creative videos that are always super entertaining to watch! My all time favorite one he's done has got to to be the YouTuber whispers video! You can check out his channel HERE.

Passing my licensure exam!

Honestly speaking, once you get into the Nursing field, the exams never really stop, even if you're already out of school. It's a job that can somehow be both a blessing and a curse! This past month, I was told that I would be taking the Kuwait nursing licensure examination and I was about ready to pee my pants!!! It's been something I was wanting to do for quite sometime now so I was kind of excited about it but along with that, I was also SUPER nervous and anxious. Thankfully, I made it though - YAAAYYY! :O

Sorry, I literally still cannot grasp the reality of it.


How was YOUR January? I'm always interested to know, so please, feel free to use the comment box below! Tell me what you loved or hated or what are you excited about for next month? So many new posts are coming your way so watch out!




  1. wow...lolz i love you so much

  2. Aw, I was not expecting this mention of me when I was reading this- thank you! Awesome post, as per usual! Also, I am currently reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven! :D

    1. Thank you as well! Ahhh I hope you love it as much as I do! It's one of my favorites! :)