Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Pajamas!

Fact: I lounge around in PJ's way more than I should and if only my work didn't have a dress code/required uniforms, I probably would even wear them there! Comfort > fashion ALWAYS!! Haha!

This past weekend, I went shopping with my sister and I noticed that Oysho launched their new winter collection in stores and I honestly flipped out! Everything they had was so soft and fuzzy, I think I looked like a literal psychopatch as I grabbed every item and cuddled it shamelessly. Eventually, I walked out the store with nothing because as ridiculously cute as everything was, I wasn't about to drop an insane amount of money on a PJ set that I'd probably just be caught crying in while watching a sappy, romantic movie. Nope, ain't gonna happen!

But I went home and of course, images of that stupid soft, fuzzy owl pajama set literally would not leave me!! Like, I would be wanting to pick out something to wear to sleep and I would be thinking that nothing I have would ever be as cute so I came to a realization that you know what? Life is too short to wear boring pajamas!!! So, I took the liberty of going back to Oysho - but online this time - to share with you some cute PJ sets that you need in your life right now! Go ahead, treat yourself, you deserve it! (I will admit right now that I'm writing this whole post to convince myself that I, in fact, do need these PJs in my life!)

Hedgehog top: 8.50 KWD bottoms: 9.50 KWD
Grey Seal top: 8.50 KWD bottoms: 9.50 KWD
Koala top: 8.50 KWD bottoms: 9.50 KWD
Raccoon top: 12.50 KWD bottoms: 9.50 KWD
Owl top: 15.50 KWD bottoms: 12.50 KWD
Mr. Wonderful Watch top: 10.50 KWD bottoms: 9.50 KWD
Mr. Wonderful Unicorn top: 12.50 KWD bottoms: 10.50 KWD *This one is currently at the top of my wish list!!!*
Bunny dressing gown: 17.50 KWD
Unicorn dressing gown: 17.50 KWD
Constellation dressing gown : 17.50 KWD
Raccoon dressing gown: 17.50 KWD
Now that's only a few of the things they have, if you want to check out the whole collection you can go here or visit one of their stores if you have one in your area! I think Kuwait only has four branches so far - Avenues, Marina Mall, Gate Mall and Kout Mall.

Disclaimer: Although it might seem like it, Oysho is not paying me to write this post! I don't think they even know of my existence lol but I'm purely writing this because I'm in love with everything they have right now!! When my paycheck rolls in, best believe I'll be splurging on something from here! ;)

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