Sunday, December 14, 2014

Qout Market Photo Diary

Last weekend, my siblings and I decided to take a trip to check out the Qout Market. For anyone who doesn't know what the Qout Market is (I don't blame you, I had no idea this even existed until my sister told me!), it's a monthly artisanal farmers market that takes place every first Saturday of the month from November through April. It was my first time going to anything like this so I thought I'd share my experience with you guys!

This month, the Qout Market was held on the rooftop of Arraya Center's parking lot. If you look closely in the picture above, you can spot it! It's that little brown building in the center.

Since I still needed to go to work that afternoon, we decided to go around the time that they opened (around 10am). There weren't a lot of people just yet so we were able to roam around comfortably. The weather was ridiculously beautiful that day as well!

There were a ton of pop up stalls that were selling various things! This particular one above was one of my favorites. It had so many cute little knick-knacks.

They were also selling Dogeared jewelry!! I'm eyeing that balance necklace so hopefully I can save up enough to get it next month!

Dreamcatchers galore!

Everyone working there was accommodating and they were very pleasant to talk to. Most of the people were actually selling things that they handcrafted themselves.

Can you believe that these are candles?! They're almost too pretty to burn!

I talked to the lady who makes these and you would think it would take hours of work but she said that since she's working with wax, she actually has to work quite fast. One candle takes her about an hour to carve from start to finish!

Hello from me and my sister! This was the time we spotted a photo booth so naturally, we had to take pictures...

Look at that bunny!! It's a hot water bottle cover! ♡

This was another one of my favorite stalls! I had a really nice conversation with the guy who designs all these terrariums and he explained to me the concept behind them. Did you know that there are things called air plants? They thrive on the humidity from the air so they don't need to be watered aka the perfect plant for lazy people! ;)

This is the little succulent I ended up getting! It's so tiny and cute and I'm in love with it!

Click and Grow herb garden, anyone?


And this place, ladies and gentlemen, is where my life changed (*cue dramatic music*). I tried Horchata for the first time and I'm obsessed! Like where has this drink been all my life?! It tastes like an adult version of the milk you remember drinking when you were younger, creamy but a little more spicy and just so delicious - AH! Plus, it has a fun name that I can't stop repeating! :P

This was the burger I ended up getting for lunch. I always hear a lot of people raving about R.V. Burger on Instagram and I see what the hype is about now. I got the chicken burger and it tastes like spot on chicken, nothing artificial added. I would say that their burgers are a little overpriced but I guess you get what you pay for!

Chocolate heaven! All the chocolate here is preservative-free so that made me feel a little less guilty while I stuffed my face with brownies.

OMG the matcha almond milk from here is easily one of the yummiest things I've ever tried! I'd definitely recommend checking this stall out if you visit next month (hopefully they're still there!).

A little petting zoo if you feel like, you know, hanging out with some animals and what not.

We were just leaving when they started setting up the area for live music. I wish I could've stuck around longer though!

Overall, the Qout Market it was a very refreshing experience and I'm really happy I went! The next market will take place on the 3rd of January if any of you are interested in going! I would definitely recommend that you do! :)

P.S. Bring cash if you plan on buying things because only a few stalls accept cards! 



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