Sunday, June 30, 2013

My iPhone Case Collection!

Exactly one year ago this month, I got my very first iPhone! So in honor of my iPhone's birthday, here's my case collection!

Although the naked iPhone is a beautiful thing, I don't want to risk it! So, to compensate, I like switching out my cases every now and then. I have the 4S if you're wondering! 

Top row: My bread case is from Claire's! It's so soft and actually smells like real bread! It's crazy. The only downside though is those fuzzy little styrofoam beads keep falling off!

Middle row (L-R): The first three cases were from a boutique back in the Philippines, my cat case is from Accessorize and I got it recently so I didn't get a chance to use it yet! But I'm excited to! I got the pink angel one as a gift from my sister. 

Bottom row (L-R): This last row has most of my favorite ones! The first one is a tribal case from Accessorize, and it's currently what's clothing my phone. The next one is a Cath Kidston (knock off heh heh) case I got from the Philippines as well as the pink Marc Jacobs (also a knock off :3) case! My blurry cat case is from Topshop and I'm convinced it's the same cat they have on their paper bags!! And last but not least, I have another tribal case which surprise surprise, I also got from my recent trip to the Philippines!

*edit* So I was rearranging my closet the other day and found these two cases that I completely forgot about! They're some of my favorites so I still wanted to include them in this post!

This one's not gonna be a surprise, my Ted Baker case is a knock off (heheh)! I got it from the Philippines for a really cheap price! Finally, my adorable panda case is a gift from my little sister! 

I had a lot of fun putting this post up and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it! Which case was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! 




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